A Surfacing Life

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“A Surfacing Life” is the title of our debut album.

Find it on all streaming platforms. You can buy a digital copy on bandcamp.

Artwork: composition Giuseppe Voci; Background image by wirestock on Freepik; head created by AI

A magic dwells in each beginning

Hermann Hesse

The intention to musically depict different personal life stages was central to developing the concept for ‘A Surfacing Life’.

The various aspects of life explored in the album provide a backdrop for the lyrical subject’s quest for answers to a broad range of questions. This quest initiates an atmospheric and emotional journey.

In facing the meaning of life and death, as well as navigating the emptiness of loneliness and the desire for creative impact, the subject increasingly recognizes their own fragile disposition, biases, powerlessness, and dependence on others.

Step by step, the subject undergoes a maturation process that transitions from general experiences to personal revelations and from conviction to doubt. However, clarity and answers remain elusive. Instead, the subject wades through a sea of ambiguities where their own insights are constantly challenged. Only the recurring motif of nature acts as a steadfast companion for the subject on their journey toward enlightenment.

Perhaps in this way, the album invites the listener to assume the position of an observer, stimulating reflection on one’s own life encounters…

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